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American veterans have been returning from wars in almost every corner of the world since the birth of this country. They have fought in insurgencies, revolutions, civil wars, regional conflicts, and two World Wars. Of the veterans who do return, many are badly injured, physically and/or emotionally.

As the Body of Christ we need to be alert to some of the spiritual consequences that war and the military have on the veterans in the communities that surround us and how we can minister to them. The diocese seeks to expand the awareness of the needs of our veterans, both within and outside our congregations. There are many available resources available to our veterans including hearing aids and special programs for homeless veterans or those who are not employable.

Most members of our congregations are unaware of these needs or the support available for veteran and how to access them. By making the church more aware of the issues veterans face both emotionally and physically, this ministry seeks to provide support and assistance to veterans and families.

For access to resources and more information please contact The Missioner for Veterans Ministry, the Rev. Brian Wright.