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Food Bank Farm | September 23, 2:00pm

A bumper crop of nutritious winter squash grows ripening in the rich soil of the Snohomish River Valley. We need your help to deliver this top quality produce to the hungry. In just three hours, 100 harvesters can fill a Food Lifeline semi with 40,000 pounds of delicious winter squash.  That’s 80,000 servings of food!  From Food Lifeline, the squash goes out to 300 food banks in Western Washington.  Volunteers hand harvest acorn squash and fill bins in the field.  All ages.  Bring a friend. 

Potluck Picnic Feast
A corn, winter squash, and pig roast feast hosted by Eric Fritch of St. John, Snohomish (cash donations).
Craft beers by the Episco-Brewers.
Bring a side, salad, or dessert.

Eucharist in the Valley
Bishop Rickel will preside at Eucharist Liturgy in the field. 
You won’t believe this altar!

The Fields are ripe for the harvest.  Pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send workers into the field. ~ Jesus


  • 2:00-5:00pm: Harvest
  • 4:30pm: Holy Eucharist
  • 5:30pm: Potluck Picnic



Episcopalians, Squash Hunger!

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