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We are over 31,000 people in more than 100 churches. We are building strong communities of faith. We are striving to be good stewards of all our resources: our time, our talents, our treasures and our Earth. We are deepening our relationships with youth and young adults, and with others: in the Holy Land, Latin America and all around the world.

We are inclusive. We are growing and learning. We are stewards. We are evangelists. We are on mission. We are the church in the world.

We are glad you're here. The Episcopal Church welcomes you!

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The Rt. Rev. Michael Curry Installed as 27th Presiding Bishop

The Rt. Rev. Michael Curry was installed as the 27th Presiding Bishop at the Washington National Cathedral on November 1, 2015. See a video of his Word to the Church. Photo by Danielle Thomas

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Bishop Rickel's Address at the 105th Convention

Bishop Greg RickelI am part of the Jesus movement because it is in Jesus where our nightmares can be transformed into the dream God has for us all. That would be my tweet, my Twitter message. It is just 6 characters shy of the 140 character limit on Twitter. I had to work at it for a while, to get it down to those words.

I will tell you they are words that I shamelessly stole from the installation sermon given by our 27th Presiding Bishop Michael Curry at his installation on All Saints Day, just a few weeks ago. If you have not watched that sermon, I hope you will. It is on YouTube, and I thought it was as close to perfect as he could have made it on that day. He inspired me and it was so good I almost said, let’s just show that, and then I will get up and say, “Yeah, Amen, that!” Read more »

Video: Presiding Bishop calls for prayer in response to Paris violence

Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church releases video calling people to prayer in response to the violence in Paris, France. [Video] Read more »

Praxis of Art and Prayer for Faith Formation Leaders

Date: Saturday, February 27, 2016

Time: 10:00am

Saturday, February 27, 2016 - 10:00am - 3:00pm
25.00 dollars. Early Bird fee and scholarships available.
St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, Bellevue
Join us for a day of workshops, community, and worship as we continue to grow in our formation of faith. This is a day for children, youth, and adult faith formation leaders and clergy. Workshops will offer a combination of lecture-style information and hands-on, experiential exercises designed for easy replication in their congregations and classrooms. Each workshop will offer three discrete modalities, with lesson plans that you can bring back to your community.

Woolly Hat Day

The Mission to Seafarers (MTS) celebrated Woolly Hat Day on Sunday, Oct. 18. Woolly hats not only keep seafarers warm, but are a symbol of care and support. There is an army of knitting volunteers both worldwide and here in western Washington, and the collected hats are handed out to seafarers visiting our centers and distributed during our ship visits. Read more »

Greg Hope receives Refugee Microenterprise Champion Award

Greg Hope, director of our diocesan Refugee Resettlement Office (RRO), was recognized for his dedication to assisting refugees. The Refugee Microenterprise Champion Award, presented during the 2015 Office of Refugee Resettlement conference, specifically acknowledged Hope’s contribution to providing business opportunities for refugees in the U.S. Since 2003, through the RRO’s JumpStart Fund, over 375 refugees have started and grown their own businesses. Read more »

Chaplains on the Harbor Seeks Donations

Supportive Housing Campaign. On Sept. 1, thanks to seed money from the Diocese of Olympia, Chaplains on the Harbor moved two new/expecting moms and one dad out of tent city and into rental housing with room for up to three mothers, their partners and children. This Supportive Housing Campaign has set a goal to raise $12,000 to house these parents for the remainder of the year as they work to regain and maintain custody of their children, which was jeopardized due to homelessness and poverty issues. It will take $1,000 per month to cover the rent -- of which seed money has already covered the first two -- along with furnishing and maintaining the home. [Donate Now] Read more »

Hurricane Katrina 10 Years On

The events of August 29, 2005 changed everything. A city was devastated, lives were lost, bodies and souls were injured, structures and landscapes were flattened. Homes, businesses, churches, and public facilities found themselves under 8-12 feet of water that wouldn’t go away. The worst of some people came out in looting and vandalism; the best of others came out in spontaneous help for total strangers. Read more »

Earthquake in Nepal

Episcopal Relief & Development (ERD) is working with the ecumenical ACT Alliance in Nepal and local partners in northern India and southwest China regarding urgent needs and assessment efforts following the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck near Kathmandu on the morning of April 25 and subsequent quake on May 12. An April 27 Read more »