The Diocese of Olympia takes its responsibility for the safety of our people seriously. The Safe Church program teaches how to identify and prevent abuse within the church community, and is conducted several times per year, free of charge. The training consists of three sessions: Safeguarding God’s Children, Safeguarding God’s People and a new Anti-Racism program.

All clergy members, diocesan team members, and people in leadership (Vestry and Bishop Committee Members), all people who work directly with children, all Eucharistic Visitors and all paid staff in our congregations are required to take the appropriate training(s)*. Any other interested parishioners are encouraged to participate in training sessions. Certificates are valid for five years and then re-training is required.

*NOTE: The training for Safeguarding God’s People must be done at one of the training sessions. The training for Safeguarding God’s Children MAY be taken online for non-clergy who do not have a key to the church facility. This includes vestry and bishop committee members. However, if you work with children in any capacity you MUST take the training in person at one of the locations listed below.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Tonja Mathews, Resource Associate, at


Upcoming Trainings

Safeguarding God’s Children | St. Andrew, Seattle | August 7, 6:30pm

Safeguarding God’s People | St. Andrew, Seattle | August 8, 6:30pm