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Vision Statement

In union with our Bishop, the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, part of the Jesus Movement, bears witness to God’s redemptive reign and acts out God’s inclusive love, peace, and justice, uniquely living out this call within our specific local communities.

Carta pastoral del Obispo Rickel sobre la suspensión del Estatuto de Limitaciones para la Mala Conducta Sexual del Clero
English A todas las personas buenas de la Diócesis de Olimpia, El verano pasado, en nuestra Convención General en Austin, Read more.
In Epiphany We Trace, All the Glory of His Grace
  With the First Sunday in Advent, we begin one of two major cycles of the Church year: Advent-Christmas-Epiphany (the Read more.
Pastoral Letter from Bishop Rickel on Suspension of Statute of Limitations for Clergy Sexual Misconduct
Español Printable PDF To all the good people of the Diocese of Olympia, This past summer, at our General Convention Read more.
WalkAgain: Conversations for the Road Ahead
Eleven years ago, Bishop Rickel traveled throughout the diocese on his first walkabout, meeting the people of the diocese and Read more.
Help Needed for Gaza Hospital
Dear Ones, On December 6, the entire outpatient clinic at Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza collapsed. It was indeed fortunate Read more.
Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral Presents Commemorative Event for Seattle Civil Rights Leader Edwin T. Pratt
Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral presents A Commemorative Event for Seattle Civil Rights Leader Edwin T. Pratt, to be held on Read more.