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Rediscovering Family: Understanding and Celebrating LGBTQI+ Perspectives

All Pilgrims Christian Church, Seattle | November 17, 2:30pm-9:00pm | $50 Registration

Rediscovering Family is a 6 hour forum featuring Dr. Stephen Marshall-Ward,  creator of “The Architecture of Family, and the art of self-discovery: Families. Celebrating. Freedom.”  and Director of the Institute for Social Change through the Arts. and Amber Cantorna, National Speaker, Leader, and Author of “Refocusing My Family: Coming Out, Being Cast Out, and Discovering the True Love of God”. During the event you will have the opportunity in discussion groups to interact with other LGBTQI+ people and their allies navigating different stages of coming out, and understanding one’s self. You will meet people interested in helping you on your journey to honest, open, celebrated living. If you are an ally, this event will help you to reach greater understanding on how to love and support LGBTQI+ persons.  You will also have the opportunity to hear Amber and Stephen’s stories, as well as dialogue with them in a panel discussion and through separate Q&A’s.




Healing Racism: Multicultural Responses in Local Context

St. John’s Cathedral, Spokane | December 1, 9:30am | $20 Registration (lunch included, scholarships available)

Is the world changing so rapidly you feel you can’t keep up? Do you have the skills to have conversations in your community across differences? How have you and your community been affected by racism? How do you talk about it?

Ana Hernández, cultural conversationalist, will facilitate the workshop: “Healing Racism: Multicultural Responses in Local Context” on Saturday, December 1 at St. John’s Cathedral, Spokane. The workshop will focus on active listening skills, how to engage in effective communication across cultural lines, and cultivating spiritual practices to sustain the work of healing racism. 

This workshop is important for anyone working with congregations, communities, and schools and is essential for anyone interested in healing racism and reconciliation work. All with a heart for healing and reconciliation are welcome.

This event is co-sponsored by Province VIII of the Episcopal Church, the Diocese of Spokane, and the Cathedral of St John the Evangelist.

About our facilitator: Ana Hernández is a workshop facilitator, author, and composer/arranger working in the Episcopal Church, with a focus on practicing deep listening, dismantling racism, and reminding all that they are beloved of God.

Contact: the Rev. Monica Whitaker,

Registration: (select Healing Racism: Multicultural Responses in Local Context (Province 8))

Priory Spiritual Center

Lacy, WA

The Priory Spiritual Center in Lacey has announced their schedule of programs for summer and fall:

  • November 10: Sketching Grace
  • November 17: Discerning a Path forward Using SoulCollage®
  • November 30-December 2: Advent Retreat: Waiting with Mary
  • December 7-9: Advent Retreat: Waiting with Mary
  • December 8: O Antiphons Retreat, Hope—Past, Present and Future
Clergy Contemplative Retreats: 
  • February 25-26, 2019 (overnight or single day)
    Mon. at 2pm – Tues. 2:30pm Or Tues. 9:30am – 3:00pm

The Priory offers retreats, spiritual direction, and workshops; fees are charged for their programs.


Order of the Ascension
Pathways of Grace | Parish Development Clinics

“Pathways of Grace is a series of five morning workshops on the spiritual life. Sponsored by the Order of the Ascension, an Episcopal Religious Community. The workshops are designed to help us understand, and enter into, the pathways of grace. How are we to recognize the presence of God, of Angels and Archangels and the whole company of heaven? How might we become more sensitive to God’s presence with us?

You can register for one or all of the workshops. There is a materials fee of $15.00. There is a limit of five participants.


Silence & Action – A Pathways of Grace Workshop: Queen Anne, Seattle | January 12, 9:30am; Register by January 5 | $15 Materials Fee

  • For laity and clergy. Christian action takes place in the daily life of each person baptized into Christ — in families and with friends, at work, and as citizens and neighbors. In our time together we’ll explore how inner silence relates to our action and how we might grow in inner silence and tranquility. Limit of 5 participants.


Adoration, Awe, and Service – A Pathways of Grace Workshop: Queen Anne, Seattle | June 15, 9:30am; Register by June 5 | $15 Materials Fee

  • For laity and clergy. We’ll explore Evelyn Underhill’s understanding of our three duties – adoration, awe and service. How our service is transformed by adoration and awe. Limit of 5 participants.


Justice, Saint Mary, Jon Daniels – A Pathways of Grace Workshop: Queen Anne, Seattle | August 14, 9:30am; Register by August 5 | $15 Materials Fee

  • A time to explore the spirituality of Jonathan Daniels. We’ll give special attention to his relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary (Feast Day August 15). How can his spirituality inform our own and connect us to God’s justice in ways appropriate to our own vocation and gifts?


Saying the Daily Office – A Pathways of Grace Workshop: Queen Anne, Seattle | October 19, 2019, 9:30am; Register by October 8, 2019 | $15 Materials Fee

  • For laity and clergy. You’ll explore several ways of saying the Daily Office on your own. We assume you want to find a way that maintains the tradition and fits your temperament and circumstances. After experimenting with saying the office during the following week we’ll check in with you.


Attrait – A Pathways of Grace Workshop:  Queen Anne, Seattle | December 7, 2019, 9:30am; Register by November 15, 2019 | $15 Materials Fee

  • For laity and clergy. This offering of Attrait will focus on a form of personal devotions that begins with the longings of each person – for harmony and uniqueness, for healing and forgiveness, for meaning and a sense of direction. These states-of-being are an experience of God’s prayer within us. How might we prepare ourselves to be receptive? What forms of prayer can help us focus these longings?


The clinics are for clergy-in-charge of congregations (rectors, vicars). They are an integration of practical parish issues and Anglican pastoral/ascetic theology and strategy; with a touch of organization development. Participants come having completed a significant course of reading. They each complete some work prior to the clinic.  When we gather the trainer/coaches will facilitate a process in which the participants engage one another and the coaches around the issues and dynamics of their parishes.

There are two clinics which still have open space. Both are open nationally but located in Seattle. The workshop fee is $200.00. Participants arrange for their own lodging and meals.

Benedictine Rhythms – Listen-Take Counsel (A Parish Development Clinic): Queen Anne, Seattle | June 4-7, 9:00am-6:00pm Daily; Register by March 1 | $200 Workshop Fee; participants arrange for their own lodging and meals

  • For clergy-in-charge of congregations. Our objectives are: 1) To better understand the inner dynamics of self and parish around listening and taking counsel. and 2) To increase our ability to shape healthier and more faithful practices around listening and taking counsel.


Shaping the Parish Through Spiritual Practice (A Parish Development Clinic): Queen Anne, Seattle | September 10-13, 9:00am-6:00pm Daily; Register by April 1 | $200 Workshop Fee; participants arrange for their own lodging and meals

  • For clergy-in-charge of congregations. The emphasis will be on understanding and living a pastoral theology and strategy. In this clinic we will focus on spiritual practice.