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Liturgy and Arts: Our mission, activity and work

The mission of the Commission for Liturgy & the Arts is to be a dynamic liturgical resource for the Bishop, clergy, and parishes in the Diocese of Olympia and beyond. We do this by:

  • fostering vibrant and formative liturgies across the diocese, including but not limited to Diocesan Convention
  • providing access through the Diocesan website to proper liturgies, position papers on liturgical topics, and links to resources for liturgical environment and music
  • offering liturgical trainings throughout the year and referrals to individual liturgical consultants
  • Participating in and promoting liturgical revisions in The Episcopal Church, including but not limited to generating liturgical resources for congregational use, and educating all worship participants about new resources

Four workgroups combine efforts to do this work:
Diocesan Liturgies: create engaging art, music, and environment for diocesan gatherings in order to build community.

Liturgy Development: coordinate the solicitation and sharing of new liturgies within the diocese and with the wider church, in accordance with A068-2018

Resources: work with the bishop to develop diocesan customaries, solicit and supply position papers on liturgical topics, compose specific prayers and music as needed to supplement those available in authorized resources of The Episcopal Church, and manage online resources of the Commission.

Workshops: provide seasonal and topical workshops to support clergy and congregations in realizing the power of theology enacted through liturgy, and its formative role in people’s lives.

Reviewed and updated 05 December 2019