Come and See Weekend

The Episcopal Convent of St. Helena, South Carolina | September 1-3

The Order of Saint Helena sponsors an annual retreat for single women who wish to explore the possibility of monastic vocation. The Come-and-See retreat, held over Labor Day weekend (September 1-3), will provide women the opportunity to learn about and experience monastic life in the 21st century and to gain clarity about a possible vocation.


Jim Wallis: Race, Privilege, and the Bridge to a New America

Marion Oliver McCaw Hall, Seattle | September 16, 7:00pm | $20 General Tickets, $30 Ticket plus Book, $10 Student/Low Income Tickets

Join the Treacy Levine Center for an evening with Jim Wallis as he explores the topic of his latest book, America’s Original Sin; Racism, White Privilege, and the Bridge to a New America. The author of ten previous books regarding issues of social justice viewed through the lens of religious faith, Wallis’ latest book is the one he has described as the book he always wanted to write. In it, he offers an analysis of America’s historical racism – its treatment of the indigenous population and its enslavement of Africans – and the lasting and devastating legacy brought about by what he calls “America’s original sin.” Describing himself as white, Christian, and evangelical, Wallis sees it as his faith’s obligation to “support the poor and vulnerable and defend those under attack.” He offers this path forward as a way to change our course: “Tell the truth… love our neighbor… welcome the stranger… expose and oppose racial profiling… defend Muslims… It is time to listen.”


Province VIII Altar Guild General Meeting

Wasatch Conference and Retreat Center, Salt Lake City, UT | September 15-17 | $285 Registration

Altar Guilds often seem to consist of “Marthas’ who rush around making sure altar guild work is done, and done ‘correctly.’  Working with sacred things in sacred space fundamentally requires prayerfulness and the presence of the Holy Spirit.  This meeting will look at altar guild from the spiritual side and also look at some of the issues that stand in the way of more spiritual action, chief of which may be related to poor communication.  The time for the Marys’ seems limited or ignored.

Join the Province VIII Altar Guild to address these issues with keynote speaker and chaplain, the Rev. Dr. Eric Kimball Hinds, rector of the Episcopal Church of St. Matthew, San Mateo. There will also be a tour of the Cathedral Church of St. Mark. Learn about the evolution of the Episcopal Church in Utah and have a chance to meet the Rt. Rev. Scott Hayashi, Bishop of Utah. A full program schedule will be available in mid-July.


Becoming the Story We Tell – A Training in the Adult Catechumenate

Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church, Seattle | October 6 & 7 | $100 per Person, $300 per Congregation (3-6 Participants)

This ecumenical event is for church leaders seeking a away to welcome seekers and newcomers to the life of the church.  You will be introduced to the Catechumenate, the ancient process of preparing persons for baptism, now being revived in the contemporary church.   Reverend Daniel Benedict will lead us in considering how “we become the story we tell.”  Explore stages and elements of the process, worship rites, and more in small and large group venues.   Please consider bringing more than one person from your parish (lay leaders, pastors, musicians, those stewarding adult formation, staff).  You will be given resources and information to begin a catechumenal process or enrich one an already existing one.  This event is co-sponsored by “Journey to Baptismal Living.”


Province VIII ECW Meeting

Mary and Joseph Retreat Center, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA | August 25-27 | Early Bird Pricing: $298 shared room, $373 single room

You are cordially invited to the Province VIII ECW Annual Meeting scheduled for this August. This is a time for us to gather as Disciples of Christ, to share our ministries, and outreach programs whether on the parish, diocesan or province level. A time for women to come and be inspired by others to take on leadership roles and for those that are interested in learning more about ECW and what we are all about. In addition election of new officers will be an important part of this weekend as well.


The Bishop White Prayer Book Society

It is probably a rare thing to be told that your parish might be eligible for a gift  – a gift that is actually useful and which is backed up by a promise that has been kept since 1833. It was in that year Bishop William White founded the Prayer Book Society which today bears his name. Through the years the Bishop White Prayer Book Society has made possible the provision of Prayer Books and Hymnals (and their supplements) to parishes and missions that could not afford them. Our website has more information about the application process. Can we be of help to your parish?


Northwest Community Bail Fund

Being unable to post bail before trial can leave people with a tough choice – plead guilty to a crime they may not have committed, or stay in jail for weeks or months. Both choices impact their job, their shelter/housing, and even custody of children.

The Northwest Community Bail Fund has a mission to provide cash bail for people who are unable to pay due to poverty and who are charged with misdemeanor crimes in King County with a total bail set at less than or equal to $1500. This allows them to get out of jail during their trial period and defend themselves from a position of freedom. We are modeling the ministry on other bail funds that are currently in existence, namely the Bronx Freedom Fund and the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund.

Ways to get involved:

  • Volunteer
  • Community Partner (provide reminders court dates and arrange transportation)
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Manage social media
  • Advocacy work on bail reform
  • Donate
    • – “Give” link in upper right corner and enter amount on the line for Northwest Community Bail Fund
    • Check made out to St. Mark’s Cathedral with Northwest Community Bail Fund on memo line
  • Provide community service projects for people being released from jail

Priory Spiritual Center

Lacy, WA

The Priory Spiritual Center in Lacey has announced their schedule of programs for September, including Mirroring Self-Mirroring Soul, an Introduction to Centering Prayer, Discernment for Young Adults, and a New Perspective on Aging. The Priory offers retreats, spiritual direction, and workshops; fees are charged for their programs.