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The Evangelism Commission of the Diocese of Olympia provides resources to congregations in the following areas:

  • Congregational identity: Identifying and deepening a unique congregational identity within an Episcopal ethos so that congregants can articulate this for themselves and for others
  • Speaking of God: Exploring how congregants can better speak about God and their experience of their Episcopal Church both within and outside the walls of the church
  • Inviting: Getting the word out or encouraging the word-of-mouth that naturally flows from a congregation that is healthy and vibrant. What we do to attract newcomers and long-timers to congregational life
  • Greeting: The welcome we offer once someone crosses our threshold or even before a newcomer crosses our threshold
  • Orienting: Helping newcomers get a bead on our congregation. The first round of inclusion. Moving from disorientation to some initial sense of connection and understanding
  • Innovation: New and unusual ways (that may be grounded in ancient practices) that provide a path to God and potentially to the Episcopal Church.

The Commission does its work through: A yearly evangelism conference, the sponsorship of two annual awards: The Bishop’s Preaching Award and The Evangelism Commission Website Award.