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The Standing Committee serves as a council of advice for the bishop and becomes the diocesan ecclesiastical authority in the bishop’s absence. It makes decisions about the sale, encumbrance or disposal of real property belonging to Parishes of the Diocese. It interviews and makes recommendations to the bishop on candidates for Holy Orders, and the consent of the Standing Committee is required for ordination. The Standing Committee also gives or withholds consent to the election of bishops throughout the church and has Judicial responsibilities in the case of clergy misconduct where the clergy or the complainant does not accept the adjudication of the bishop. By canon, no two members of the Standing Committee may be from the same congregation.

  • The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel | Bishop Diocesan
  • The Rev. Rachel Taber-Hamilton | Trinity, Everett (2021)
  • Tsuneko Nakatani | St. Peter’s, Seattle (2024)
  • The Rev. Carla Robinson | Christ Church, Seattle (2024)
  • Roberta Newell | St. Mary, Lakewood – COM Liaison (2021)
  • The Rev. Steve Danzey | Good Samaritan, Sammamish – President (2022)
  • Charla Conner | All Saints, Tacoma – Secretary (2022)
  • The Rev. Canon Jennifer King Daugherty | Saint Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle –  (2023)
  • Vikki Day | St. Andrew, Seattle – (2023)

Diocesan Staff Contact

  • April Caballero |  Executive Assistant
  • The Rev. Canon Arienne Davison | Canon to the Ordinary
  • Dede Moore | Canon for Diocesan Networking and Connections