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The Multicultural Ministries and its committees promote and develop a culturally and ethnically diverse diocese. They are dedicated to the support of ethnic and multicultural congregations. The team encourages lay and ordained leadership of individuals of color and builds bridges of mutual respect and understanding between the Anglo and ethnic-minority communities throughout the diocese. The Multicultural Ministries team also works closely with the College for Congregational Development.

Multicultural Worshiping Communities

Many of our communities worship in various languages. Please check each congregation’s website for multilingual service times.

Chinese languages

Church of the Holy Apostles, Bellevue


St. John’s Sudanese Episcopal Church, Tukwila


Holy Family of Jesus Cambodian Episcopal Church, Tacoma

Bilingual (Spanish and English)

Our Lady of Guadalupe Episcopal Church, Seattle


Chaplains on the Harbor, Westport (Spanish outreach)

St. John / San Juan Episcopal Church, Olympia

St. Luke / San Lucas Episcopal Church, Vancouver

St. Matthew / San Mateo Episcopal Church, Auburn

Spanish and Indigenous Mexican Languages

La Iglesia Episcopal de la Resurrección, Mount Vernon

Anti-Racism Training

The Diocese of Olympia has developed a one-day anti-racism training program that invites people to not only explore their own experiences of racism, and develop skills to help each person to become a more culturally competent leader. The sin of racism is alive and flourishing in our country and we all need to call it out where we see it and stand with the oppressed and marginalized.

Training is mandatory for all active clergy and diocesan staff. More details can be found with our Safe Church training.