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Refugee-Resettlement-Office-Team-smallThe Diocese of Olympia’s Refugee Resettlement Office helps refugees and asylees achieve economic self-sufficiency. Our mission is accomplished through resettlement, job placement activities, and business development programs that promote self-employment.

Programs are open to all refugees and asylees, regardless of the agency who settled them in the region or religious affiliation.

How You Can Help the Refugee Resettlement Office

There are many ways you can help refugees in your community.

Volunteers can help clients with one-on-one assistance to develop their English skills, work on their resumes, and organize their small businesses.

Both financial and household goods donations are gratefully accepted. Some of the items most requested by refugees are furniture, such as beds, tables and couches. All financial donations assist our office in covering overhead costs, purchasing food, clothing and furniture for our clients, and assisting in expanding our services.

Please visit the Refugee Resettlement Office website for more information on the services offered and how you can help.