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Six churches in the Diocese of Olympia practice Total Common Ministry (TCM), discerning, developing and displaying the gifts for ministry of every member. Rather than a community gathered around a minister, they are a community of ministers.

The theology of TCM is based on the premise that every member is a minister, based on our baptismal vows, and that the Holy Spirit provides all the resources necessary for the formation and nurture of the Body of Christ in each congregation. TCM clergy are unpaid volunteers so many of them hold other jobs or are retired professionals.

The six TCM churches are:

These churches are located in smaller communities with limited financial, civic and educational resources that would attract and keep younger, working families. However, these churches also have firmly established roots in their communities with admirable records of pastoral and public service.

Total Common Ministry churches provide continuing education and discernment for every member to discover, develop and devote the gifts God gives them for Christian ministry. They provide the sacraments and traditional Episcopal liturgical worship, fellowship and hospitality.