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We seek to support and encourage all those whose lives are affected by issues of mental health. Our mission is to be educators about mental health and a clearinghouse for information. We seek to connect people with one another and with resources through identifying and publicizing relevant information and events throughout the Diocese. We have a presence at Diocesan Convention, and we meet quarterly.

During this time of the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, we are all working to stay healthy and help others do the same. Staying healthy means physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Here are some basic self-care strategies that help us stay well and healthy:

  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables everyday if you can
  • Drink plenty of water everyday (8 glasses a day are commonly recommended – 8 ounces each)
  • Exercise at least 20 minutes a day – walking, dancing, running, swimming, etc. Sleep 7-8 hours each night, using strategies to support good sleep (no phone, computer, tv, alcohol, or food in the hour before sleep)
  • Communicate with folks you love – in your home, by phone, by internet, and by cards/letters
  • Listen to music, play a game, read a book – all things that work your brain well
  • Pray your favorite prayer or service from the Book of Common Prayer (No book? Try these: or or get an app on your mobile device)
  • Connect with your church members during online worship, in small groups, or by phone, email, or paper mail
  • Create your own prayer table or worship space at home, by gathering cross, candle, Bible, prayer book, icon, beautiful cloth, and any other symbol or object that reminds you that you are a child of God
  • Reach out to your clergy and have a virtual pastoral visit by phone or internet

Here are some state and national resources for you:

Need help? Know someone who does? If you, or someone you care about, are
feeling overwhelmed with emotions like sadness, depression, or anxiety, or feel like you
want to harm yourself or others

If you are in urgent need of assistance please call a State Mental Health Crisis Line in your county. A full list can be found here: State Mental Health Crisis Lines.

For more information about the Mental Health Task Force, please contact us.