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A former United Methodist clergywoman, Dr Thea Mirabella Maeve Wyatt worked previously within the local church as a parish minister and as Executive Director for the Wesley Foundation, a campus ministry to the University of Washington. After engaging in doctoral study in Christian Spirituality and Pastoral Leadership, she spent 15 years teaching at Seattle University (for the Department of Theology and Religious studies, as well as The School for Theology and Ministry), during which time her academic research led to published articles and presentations on how to cultivate creative spiritual leadership. More recently, Dr. Wyatt has served the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia as a trainer for the College of Congregational Development and as a consultant within the Congregational Consulting Network, offering guidance to spiritual leaders, fostering awareness of developmental growth opportunities around intercultural competence, and journeying with faith communities during periods of clergy transition.

Over the course of her ministry, Dr. Wyatt has worked extensively designing and facilitating educational workshops and retreats in a variety of contexts, often utilizing the expressive arts. Indeed, Mirabella Maeve is herself a practicing artist, acting as an Artist-in-Residence for St. Columba’s Episcopal Church, where she is also a member. When not dabbling in various art forms, as a dancer, performer, writer, and visual artist, she can be found meditating by the lake, perusing interior design magazines, reading mystery novels, or playing games with her beloved husband and daughter.

Dr. Thea Mirabella Maeve Wyatt