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Here is additional information about recruitment of candidates for this year’s diocesan elections.

The Nominations Committee is working now to identify a diverse group of qualified candidates for the following positions:

For Diocesan Council for 3-year terms (by region):

  • Lay representatives from Evergreen, Be Attitudes, and Columbia
  • Clergy representatives from Eastside, Peninsula, and Sno-Isle
  • Clergy representative from Rainier for 2-year unexpired term (NEW announcment)
  • Incumbents from Rainier (lay) and Willapa (clergy) are standing for reelection.

For the Standing Committee (at-large representatives):

  • 1 Lay representative for 4-year term
  • 1 Clergy representative for 4-year term
  • 1 Clergy representative to complete a 1-year unexpired term

Qualifications: All candidates for nominations must meet canonical requirements.

  • In the Lay order, candidates must be adult communicants in good standing associated with a parish or mission congregation of the diocese.
  • In the Clerical order, candidates for nomination must be canonically-resident in this diocese.
  • Individuals may recommend themselves to the Committee for consideration, as long as they meet the canonical – and for Diocesan Council, the geographic – requirements.

Important to note: For those living some distance from Diocesan House, please know that both Standing Committee and Diocesan Council currently meet virtually via Zoom. Participating this way will continue as an option so that geography isn’t a barrier to taking part in diocesan governance.

Job Descriptions: What are the responsibilities of those serving on these two Governing Bodies?

  • Diocesan Council: Between annual Diocesan Conventions, this Council oversees the budget and program goals of the diocese, carrying out the priorities adopted by Convention. The Council develops a proposed budget to be ratified by the next Convention and monitors the current year’s budget. Council members enact the role of public relations and good will toward individuals and congregations, facilitating connectedness within the diocese. They attend the Diocesan Convention as voting members during their terms of office. Members also accept assignments, work on committees and task groups, and attend regional, committee, and commission meetings as necessary. The Council meets 6-8 times a year, usually Thursday afternoon, and attends up to two joint retreats with other governing bodies each year.
  • Standing Committee: The Standing Committee serves as an advisory council for the bishop on all matters, including decisions regarding the sale, encumbrance, or disposal of real property throughout the diocese. Other responsibilities include interviews and consent regarding persons seeking ordination to the diaconate or priesthood. The Standing Committee has formal judicial responsibilities in cases of clergy misconduct. National and international responsibilities include giving or withholding consent to election of bishops across the Episcopal Church. The Standing Committee values prayerful deliberation, collaboration, and a strong commitment to working supportively with our bishop. The Standing Committee meets monthly, usually on Tuesday mid-day, and participates in two joint governance retreats each year.

Important Dates: To propose someone for potential nomination, please email your recommendation to by Friday, August 7. The Nominations Committee will consider and confirm the slate for election by September 8 (45 days prior to Convention). (By canon, additional nominees may be recognized at convention).

If you have questions about this process, please contact the Rev. Edie Weller at, and also refer to forthcoming convention materials from the Office of the Bishop. We appreciate your input very much!

2020 Diocesan Elections – Updates and Additional Information

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