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As of July, our Congregational Development (CD) Grants process in the Diocese of Olympia is now open. CD Grants is a granting program designed to help congregations make steps or leaps forward in their development by funding specific projects related to congregational health, faithfulness, and effectiveness. All congregations in good standing in the Diocese of Olympia are eligible to apply for these grants.

This year as a direct response to COVID-19 and the dramatically shifting landscape of congregational life during the past few months, the committee has simplified the application process. Instead of a multi-step process of applying for a grant, applicants this year need to fill out a simple form, due August 1, available at the link below.

After August 1, the committee will review applications and ask for more information from applicants if it is needed in order to make recommendations for funding. Please do not hesitate to contact either Mark Miller (, committee chair, or Alissa Newton (, Canon for Congregational Development, for more information or to workshop your congregation’s grant idea.

The committee will continue to grant based on a fully-fund policy, meaning grants will either be fully funded or not funded at all, and grant recipients will still be required to participate in (or have participated in) The College for Congregational Development at the soonest possible opportunity.


2021 Congregational Development Grant Applications Now Open

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