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An opportunity to join a very interesting conversation with the Episcopal Church’s Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music (SCLM).

The SCLM has worked for a number of years on updating and expanding the range of commemorations in Lesser Feasts and Fasts. The effort resulted in the much greater number of commemorations provided in the trial edition of Holy Women, Holy Men published in 2010. Since its publication, the SCLM has been gathering responses to Holy Women, Holy Men and in light of those responses, is proposing a different approach, a new model for commemorations, tentatively entitled A Great Cloud of Witnesses.

The SCLM has posted on its blog ( a document explaining the proposal and the reasons for it. The SCLM is asking for feedback on the proposal from across the Church. Please read and consider the proposal and add your thoughts to the comments section right on the blog. The comments will help the SCLM decide whether to continue working in this new direction or continue working with the established model embodied in Holy Women, Holy Men through further revisions of that resource.

Comments are requested before February 22, so that they may be pulled together for the SCLM’s meeting the following week.

The Rev. Canon Janet Campbell, Canon for Liturgy

A Great Cloud of Witnesses: proposed approach to commemorations of holy women and men

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