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As Bishop Rickel stepped into his office Wednesday morning, he was greeted by some new office-mates – a flock of plastic pink flamingos.

It’s all part of fundraising efforts by youth in the Diocese of Olympia to help cover the costs of attending this year’s Episcopal Youth Event (EYE) at the University of Central Oklahoma. EYE is a four-day conference filled with worship, guest speakers, group discussions, workshops, and time for more than 1,300 Episcopal youth from across the country to gather for fellowship and fun. This year’s EYE will be focused on themes of peacemaking and reconciliation.

The Flamingo Fundraiser is a fun way to help support youth ministry in the diocese. You can donate money to have someone “flamingo-ed” – a flock of flamingos will show up to occupy their yard or office for a few days. You can also donate money as insurance against getting flamingo-ed, you can donate money to find out who flamingo-ed you, or you can donate money to have the flock of flamingos move on a little earlier.

UPDATE: It looks like the flock of flamingos has made their way over to Canon Marda’s house as well…

For more information on the youth Flamingo Fundraiser, contact Beth Bowen.


The Bishop Gets “Flamingo-ed” for Episcopal Youth Event (EYE)

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