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Cathedral Day is a “family reunion” for Episcopalians from across western Washington. It’s a time for connecting across congregations and experiencing all your cathedral has to offer. This year’s Cathedral Day celebrates the idea of pilgrimage, with Saint Mark’s serving as your sacred destination.

Our Christian tradition holds dear the spiritual practice of making pilgrimages that profoundly shape our understanding of what it means to follow Christ. One need not travel across the globe to do so; one need only be open to the holy experience of discovering God anew on the way. For centuries, cathedrals have served as Christian pilgrimage sites, drawing people of faith into the orbit of wonder and awe.

This year, for Cathedral Day in the Diocese of Olympia, all are encouraged to consider the day’s journey as a pilgrimage to your cathedral. As Jesus said to the first ones to follow him as people of The Way: Come and see…so are we invited to join on this journey together this Eastertide. Come and see…

Please RSVP for all attendees in order to secure your free food truck lunch. Your voucher(s) will be available at the event.

All congregations attending Cathedral Day are invited to bring their banners to carry in the procession and to bring a small container of water from your part of the world. The water you bring will be poured into the baptismal font during the liturgy and will be part of the water we use when we asperge the people as they remember their baptisms.


The service will be streamed at After the service, an archive recording will be available on the cathedral website.


9:00 am: Confirmation Rehearsal – Confirmands, Sponsors, Clergy, Church Representatives arrive for rehearsal, meet with Bishop Melissa Skelton.

10:10 am: Assemble for Procession – Candidates, sponsors, clergy, and banner holders line up and prepare to process into Saint Mark’s. All congregations attending Cathedral Day are invited to bring their banners and be a part of this procession.

10:30 am: Confirmation Liturgy – A liturgy of Holy Eucharist with the rites of confirmation, reception, and reaffirmation for candidates from parishes near and far will open with a grand, colorful procession of parish banners.

12:00 pm: Lunch – Food trucks will be at-the-ready outside the cathedral. Register your whole family here for a free lunch at your choice of three eateries.

12:30 pm: Activities for All Ages – Take a docent-led tour of the cathedral and crypt and see chalk art by WWII soldiers; jump in a bouncy castle sponsored by Camp Huston; hear a demonstration of the mighty Flentrop organ; launch recycled paper airplanes from the organ loft; participate in a collaborative art project; walk the labyrinth and greenbelt; visit the Lefffler Garden; and, as a souvenir, bring seeds from our seed library back to your home or church!

REGISTER BELOW! – More Lunch Tickets Now Available!

Cathedral Day 2024: Pilgrimage to Your Cathedral

Welcome to Cathedral Day!

Cathedral Day 2024

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  • March 28, 2024 at 7:09 pm

    I am a candidate for confirmation and am so excited to be attending!!

  • April 2, 2024 at 3:29 pm

    I plan ti be received on April 27th,.

  • April 13, 2024 at 6:15 pm



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