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From Aaron Scott of Chaplains on the Harbor:

Beloved friends in Christ: once again we need your help. In order to stay open until the end of this fiscal year, Chaplains on the Harbor needs to raise $20,000 by December or face the real possibility of permanent closure.

We are a church, first and foremost. We gather people together, we pray, we study, we break bread, we build trust. Our own members frequently tithe beyond ten percent: a month’s worth of food stamps, the clothes off their backs, countless hours of volunteering even while they are experiencing homelessness and unemployment themselves. We are rich in relationships, in faith, and in people-power.

We have survived on a shoestring for five years, existing month to month, doing very much with very little. Our funding comes roughly one-third from the diocese, one-third from grants, and one-third from individual and parish donations. This year—the year in which we launched a thriving paid apprenticeship program for our young members getting out of jail and off the streets—several critical grants did not come through. While we are cultivating a long-term development strategy, we are badly in need of significant stop-gap cash flow right now.

We are profoundly grateful for the years of support we have received all across the diocese, as we continue to build the freedom church of the poor in the face of deepening crises of poverty and violence. If you are able to contribute to our work at this time, please know we will multiply your offering of loaves and fishes like the true gospel-based hustlers we are. Thank God for each of you.


Chaplains on the Harbor: Emergency Appeal

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