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The Diocese of Olympia is pleased to offer a little shelter-at-home continuing education with faith formation educator, Sharon Ely Pearson.

This lecture and follow-up conversation on “Children’s Presence in Worship: Full Participation or Brief Appearance?” was originally held on Wednesday, April 22.

Sharon says: “In these times of declining church membership, mainline congregations put considerable weight on the presence of children as an indicator of congregational vitality. But how do we truly welcome children in the life of our churches, especially in worship? If children are full members of the Body of Christ through their baptism, shouldn’t they be full participants in Word and Sacrament? Let’s explore how worship can truly be a multi-generational experience for the whole church.”

Thank you for developing these meeting opportunities for those of us who care so much about the faith formation of our children and youth. I find the ideas presented so valuable, especially to those of us from small parishes who don’t always find others who have the same passion to share with. I latched onto Sharon’s parting comment… I may be paraphrasing…we (those of us working with our children) are the curriculum. She put into words what I have been struggling with for several months. I am a retired educator and have been using Weaving God’s Promise just as the seed for our time together. I have always found that “curriculum” is too constraining and lessons have to reflect my style and the needs of my charges. Today’s Zoom gives me a much clearer vision of where our congregation can explore inclusion of children in worship.

Suzanne Hierholzer, St. Andrew, Aberdeen



Children’s Presence in Worship – Full Participation or Brief Appearance: A Better Together Webinar

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