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Merry Christmas, Diocese of Olympia, and all who may be watching.

This annual celebration of the birth of Jesus is also an invitation, an invitation for us to open our hearts and allow Jesus to be born there as well. At the culmination of Advent, that period of waiting, watching, reflection, and anticipation, comes the Savior of the world and the Savior of our souls. As we gather together with those we love, families born and those chosen, we give thanks for this greatest gift of salvation offered to us through the birth of this child.

It may well be especially poignant this year as we witness a world in such disarray and filled with anxieties on so many levels. My prayer for you, especially if these are true for you, is that this day and the season that follows be a time of assurance, love, and joy.

And I want to remind you that Christmas is a season, not a day, and it begins today and it goes for 12 more days, right up until the Epiphany. So spread it out. Really try to make it a series of days of this feeling, especially as the world, our Western world especially, so desperately tries to go back to normality as if that is something to be craved. It is true, you will see trees on the curb and lights coming down, but as I always say, that is the world’s way, not our faith’s way.

So let this day, this morning, be a beginning of a season of joy, hope, and love for you and all those you love. You, all of you, help make this season just that for me.

So Merry Christmas, each and every one of you.


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