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Our Missioner for Climate Care and Climate Justice, John Kydd, is part of The Episcopal Church’s delegation to COP27. After a day of listening to world leaders discuss ways to finance solutions to the climate change crisis, John wrote this prayer that he shares with our diocese:

Lord help me loosen
the fictions that we live

That Nature is a Resource,
not a Nation of Relation
worthy of love and respect

That wealth is earned and owned.
Not gifted to be savored
and shared

That the market knows, speaks and is smart.
Not an engine seeking to displace
the voices of our heart

That things can be thrown away,
not towards, others.

That we are rational and fair.
Not artfully avoidant
of what we must bear

That I am “I”,
not always part of “we”

That we have no time
When we hold eternity.

Lord help us loosen the fictions that we live.
Help us see that finance
truly means to give.

COP27: A Prayer for Finance

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