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Carrying the exciting momentum and energy from Convention, we have gathered a group to guide and organize the diocese’s efforts around Creation Care. You can watch this video to learn more about what our diocesan effort may look like through the experience of the Diocese of San Diego.

The committee is currently formulating and discerning how to best connect the dots between parishes to collaborate and share Creation Care resources, events, actions, and liturgies. We hope to offer opportunities and resources for:

  • Education and formation
  • Creation Care parish ministries
  • buildings, land use, and grounds
  • climate action and advocacy
  • community outreach and environmental justice
  • youth and intergenerational involvement
  • spiritual resilience and liturgical resources

We will also provide onramps for implementing Resolutions 4 and 5 from the 2022 Diocesan Convention.

To faithfully represent the diverse networks, perspectives, and unique climate impacts experienced throughout our diocese, we are seeking additional committee members. Youth/young adults, Circles of Color members, and folks beyond the I-5 Corridor/Seattle Metro area are encouraged to get in touch with Adrienne ( if interested or if you have any questions.

And in the meantime, stay tuned! We have some offerings in the works, including a COP27 debrief with delegates from our diocese. As we prepare for Earth Month in April, we will also be gathering parishes’ events and liturgies for an Earth Month calendar. This year, Cathedral Day happens to fall on Earth Day so watch for more updates about Cathedral / Earth Day activities. Finally, get in touch with any questions and feel free to share your feedback on ways we can support Creation Care at your parish and throughout the diocese!

Creation Care Advisory Group Seeks Members

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