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During this year’s Clergy Conference in Bremerton, our Canon to the Ordinary, The Rev. Canon Arienne Davison, sent our diocesan clergy on a scavenger hunt around the city, asking them to take pictures of themselves in front of landmarks and notable locations.

Take a picture at the Roxy.

Take picture of yourself taking a flying leap.

Take a picture of you cooking out with Esther.

Take a picture with the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard War Record.

Take a picture at the Puget Sound Navy Museum.

Take a picture with Tsunami warning sign… Also maybe read it?

Take a picture at the Waterfront Harborside Fountain Park.

Take a picture at the new(ish) Fast Ferry Terminal.

Take a picture with an elder sharing a proud tradition.

Take a picture at the USS Turner Joy Entrance.

Diocesan Clergy Finding Themselves in Bremerton!

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