The Diocese of Olympia’s Diocesan Council, at the suggestion of St. John/San Juan, Olympia, has established a Legal Defense Fund for the Diocese of Olympia. Although this fund was born out of the need to help families facing deportation and other legal immigration issues, the long-term use will be for any legal matter which is a burden on those undergoing it, and most especially those who have no means to pay.

The stated purpose of the fund is as follows:

The Diocese of Olympia Legal Defense Fund is established as a discretionary fund of the Office of Bishop and it is intended to be used by that Office to aid those in the diocese who are in need of legal defense. While this fund was established during a time and for the purpose of helping those facing deportation or other immigration issues, this fund can be used at the discretion of the Office of Bishop to help clergy and laity in the diocese facing legal issues that further or are related to furthering the mission of the Diocese. This is not intended to be a long term solution to those needing funds but to be short term aid.

The Legal Defense Fund will be funded through individual donations solicited from members of the diocese, congregations, and those outside who wish to give.

All disbursements will be reported to the Diocesan Council on a quarterly basis by the Canon to the Ordinary/Bishop. Names will not be attached but the situations and amounts will be reported. This fund will also be audited on an annual basis.

Diocesan Council oversees this Fund.

If you would like to donate to this fund you may do so below. Select Legal Defense Fund at the top of donation page to have your donation routed appropriately. You may also send a check directly to the Office of the Bishop at 1551 10th Ave E, Seattle, Washington 98102. Checks should be made out to “Diocese of Olympia” with “Legal Defense Fund” in the memo.


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