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Who can attend EYE?

Youth who are active in their congregation and currently in Grades 9-12, OR between ages 15-19 can apply to be part of the delegation. Teenagers who are struggling with high anxiety and depression may find themselves under greater stress with travel and large scale interactions in unfamiliar places. Adults may only attend if selected to be a chaperone, and chaperone size is strictly controlled. Chaperones must also apply.

The Diocese of Olympia will be taking a delegation that reflects the full breadth of the diocese in terms of cultural, ethnic, geographic, theological, gender, and economic ministry contexts present in our diocese.

When will I find out if I’m selected?

All applicants will be notified by February 7.

What’s included in the registration fee?

The fee includes all transportation costs, EYE registration costs, lodging, meals, and t-shirts.

Do I have to pay the $1000 all at once?

No, you will be asked for a $300 deposit and will set up with a payment schedule for the remaining costs.

Is there a size limit to our delegation?

There is no size limit to the delegation, as long as there are enough chaperones to accompany. Scholarship support may be more limited the larger it is.

What’s the schedule for the trip?

  • July 5 – Evening meal and team building
  • July 6 – Travel day to Washington, D.C. (transportation provided to the airport in the morning)
  • July 7 – Sightseeing in Washington, D.C., including a visit to the National Cathedral
  • July 8-10 – EYE activities
  • July 11 – Travel day to Seattle

Is fundraising available to offset the cost? Is it required?

There will be an optional individual fundraising activity for those that would like help offsetting the cost of the trip. We also hope home churches will assist with 1/3 scholarships.

We don’t want cost to be a barrier to youth participating. The diversity of our church includes economic diversity.

Can my church youth group go on it’s own or do we have to be part of the diocesan delegation?

Yes, you can go as your own group. This is new this year. You must provide your own chaperones and register on your own. More information is available here or contact Denise

Episcopal Youth Event (EYE20): Frequently Asked Questions

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