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A Vestry/Bishop’s Committee Notebook

Want your Vestry or Bishop’s Committee to be more productive this year?

You’re hoping that your monthly meetings can bear fruit for the mission of your congregation?

You’re wishing that the time in meetings were spent less on micro-managing and more on ministry and vision planning energizing the whole congregation?

Vestry and Bishop’s Committee Notebooks/Handbooks are essential tools for your congregation’s governing body in executing its responsibilities, so that it truly can be a leadership ministry in your congregation. Your Vestry/ Bishop’s Committee Notebook can set the tone for your work as a team and as a ministry of the congregation. Yes, your governing body is a ministry.

We have included a suggested Table of Contents for Vestry/Bishop’s Committee Notebooks with links to resources and/or samples of the documents referenced on our new Vestry and Bishop’s Committee Notebook webpage. Not all of these resources will be appropriate for all congregations, but most of them are. This is meant to be a tool for your use in assembling a healthy useful Notebook for your governing body, and more productive meetings!

For assistance on Vestry/BC Notebooks or resources referenced, please contact the Stewardship Office.

Getting your Vestry/Bishop’s Committee Organized

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