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While Sunday school as we once knew it is on hold, Godly Play storytelling can continue thanks to Zoom and a little ingenuity. The Reverend Kay Flores, St. Timothy, Chehalis, a long-time Godly Play trainer, demonstrates how you can improve your Godly Play outreach with a document camera, a technique which better showcases the sacred stories. Kay draws from her own experience, and that of other trainers from around the country, in offering tips and making recommendations on how best to lead virtual sessions.

She also covers how to:

  • maintain the integrity of what we offer to children that is uniquely Godly Play;
  • keep the virtual space safe and sacred; and,
  • support families at home as they facilitate parts of the session.

For a limited time, the Diocese of Olympia will purchase a document camera (one per church) to help enhance virtual Godly Play sessions for children and families. Contact for more info.

Workshop presented in cooperation with the Godly Play Foundation.

Use the following slide to comply with Godly Play & Church Publishing Incorporated copyright during the pandemic. Thank you to Katya Nemec, Emmanuel, Mercer Island, for the design. Please share this at the close of your online Godly Play presentations.

“Godly Play in a New Way was a great gift to those of us offering virtual Godly Play and to those of us who wanted to and didn’t know we could! Our trainer, The Rev. Kay Flores was a wonderful story-teller and trainer, inspiring us and giving us practical ways to let the riches of Godly Play connect our children with God and each other, and showing us how Godly Play can truly come alive on screen. Our team loved it!”

The Reverend Karen Haig, St. Barnabas, Bainbridge Island

Godly Play in a New Way: A Better Together Webinar

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