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Dear Ones,

On December 6, the entire outpatient clinic at Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza collapsed. It was indeed fortunate that this happened when there was a lull in patients waiting to be seen, and the doctor and nurse on duty stepped out for a brief breaks. So no one was in the building and therefore no one was injured or killed. This collapse however, coming right at the same time as the cut in funding by the Israeli government, is a double blow to this fantastic institution. You may remember I was blessed to visit there several years ago, after supporting this ministry for many more years, including long before I became your bishop. In fact, I spent a lot of my day in this very building.

I now sit on the Board of the American Friends of the Diocese of Jerusalem and we held an emergency meeting today in order to begin our help to the hospital. We voted to release funds to get the initial phases of reconstruction underway. It is estimated it will cost $150,000 US dollars to rebuild. You can read more about the collapse on the American Friends website and through the Episcopal News Service story below.

Most importantly, any gift you might give now would be most appreciated and as you can see most needed. I have already alerted my staff here that my Christmas gift in their honor this year will go to the hospital.   You can give to this cause by visiting the American Friends website and by noting a donation for the Hospital in Gaza.

Blessed Advent, and please pray for the hospital staff, patients, and those who are now working so hard to rebuild it.






Help Needed for Gaza Hospital

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