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Holy Hikes

Hamlin Park, Shoreline

Join us at Shoreline's oldest and largest park for our March Holy Hike with new friends from around the diocese!

Holy Hikes

Beaver Falls, OR

Experience God's handiwork in the natural world by joining this contemplative and family-friendly trek to Beaver Falls, OR with Holy Hikes of Western Washington.

Holy Hikes – November

Dash Point State Park, Federal Way

Gather for a hike along the waterfront at Dash Point State Park, followed by a community meal at Church of the Good Shepherd, Federal Way - spend some time together outside!

Holy Hike: December

Tolmie State Park, Olympia

Come to the final Holy Hike of 2023 as we commemorate the Winter Solstice at Tolmie State Park, Olympia, this Saturday, December 23, at 10:00 am.