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“So much of what has helped the US become the 9th worst per capita death rate in the world, out of 201 countries, is, what I like to call, the ‘pull up the gangplank, I’m onboard’ syndrome. Or ‘I got mine, you get yours if you can, I’m good!’ We will live, in the next few months, in a real liminal space, an ‘in-between space’ with those vaccinated, and those not. Please be careful with the syndrome I lay out above. It is inconsiderate, and it does not match the faith we follow. Vaccinated or not, we are compelled by that faith to care for everyone, and to do all that is necessary to protect others no matter how ‘good’ we are.”

Over on his blog, Bishop Rickel shares some thoughts and reflections about where we are currently in the COVID-19 pandemic.


“Pull Up the Gangplank, I’m Onboard”: A Reflection from Bishop Rickel

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