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Dear Ones,

These are trying times for everyone, but none more than the people of color of this country, who have never achieved equality or justice though a light has been shined on that disparity so many times, before our lifetimes, and in our lifetimes. The responsibility for changing this is on us all, but most especially the white person. We have the greatest responsibility to use our privilege to work toward a solution. I thank you all, so many of you literally on the front lines, and those who are finding other ways to “show up” during these times. It is very difficult trying to navigate this all during the pandemic already in progress, and hardly over. But this is indeed two pandemics now and they do need to be addressed. Below, we have gathered the most comprehensive list we could find about how to help in all those various ways, face to face, and in isolation, but still connected. It is critical now that we not judge our internal responses, but learn from them and one another. There is a lot on our hearts, minds, and souls, competing, compelling expectations. Try to be gentle with one another if at all possible. As a person reminded me about the Buddhist principle of looking up on other people and situations right now with “soft eyes” first. That is part of my daily prayer now. As are all of you.


Bishop Greg Rickel

Bishop Rickel’s Reflections from May 30

Dean Thomason’s Statement from May 30

Presiding Bishop Curry’s Statement on President Trump’s Use of a Church Building and the Holy Bible

Presiding Bishop Curry’s Interview on MSNBC on President Trump’s Use of a Church Building and the Holy Bible

Bishop Budde’s Response to President Trump

Black Lives Matter Seattle – King County

  • Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County is a grassroots, volunteer-run, social-justice nonprofit organization focused on the empowerment and liberation of Blacks and other people of color through advocacy and direct action. BLM Seattle centers leadership on Black femmes, women, and queer people organizing and taking direct action to dismantle anti-black systems and policies of oppression.

Donate to the Black Lives Matter Seattle Freedom Fund

  • In these trying times, we understand the urgent need to be in the streets and Black, Indigenous, and people of color are going to be disproportionately arrested and held on bail. Cash bail is an inhumane system built to unfairly limit the freedom of those without financial/class privilege. The funds collected through this fund will go to the immediate release of people protesting the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Manuel Ellis (May 2020). Any remaining funds will continue to be used for future bailout efforts as an ongoing community bail fund project.

Local Protesters

  • Donate to a local protester who is documenting the protests on social media. Many are also providing medical supplies to protesters and have a Venmo page.
  • If you cannot be at the protests, you can help by donating to supports arts organizations that are opening their spaces as aid stations. Donate to the following Venmo handles to help directly with relief and medic services for the protest:
    • @blueconestudios
    • @vermillionarts
    • Paypal:

Black Lives Matter Resource Page

Donate to the Northwest Community Bail Fund (NCBF)

  • The Northwest Community Bail Fund (NCBF) provides cash bail for marginalized people charged with crimes who are unable to afford bail and find themselves incarcerated while awaiting routine court appearances in King and Snohomish Counties in Washington State.

Seattle Indivisible – Daily Actions

Making Masks for Protesters

Racial Equity Resources Reading List – The Diocese of Olympia

“Confronting Racism – Working for Change” – Resources from Saint Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle

“Why Advocate Now?” – Episcopal Public Policy Network

Sacred Ground Dialog Circles – The Episcopal Church

Kaleidoscope Institute – Training leaders to create gracious space for courageous conversation and consulting to heal and transform local organizations.

Make Me an Instrument of Peace: A Guide to Civil Conversations – Church Next

On Being – The Civil Conversations and Social Healing Project

Contemplation and Racism – Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations

Embrace Race

  • Resources for talking with children about race.

Talking About Race – the National Museum of African-American History and Culture of the Smithsonian

  • A helpful guide to beginning one’s education about racism and how to talk about it

Anti-Racism Resources – The Palmer Scholars*DxXs7K_umbRHlS1kzEln3g&blm_aid=1392641

Resource Round Up: Leading for Concrete Change – The Teaching Channel

“How to Support Protesters from Home” – PC Mag

“George Floyd Protests: How You Can Help, Donate, and Learn” – Innocence Mission

Help Supply the Puget Sound Medic Collective

  • We are a group of healthcare workers and educators from a variety of backgrounds, all united to provide inclusive healthcare support for direct action regarding social, economic, healthcare, and environmental injustices. We provide first-aid support, de-escalation, and solidarity for such events. (Puget Sound Medic Collective)

“Where You Can Donate to Support Seattle’s George Floyd Protesters” – The Seattle Met

“How to help Black Lives Matter: 9 things you can do for the George Floyd protesters right now” – Fast Company

“5 ways to support Black Lives Matter protesters—even if you can’t join a protest” – Fast Company

“6 Ways To Help Feed And Support Black Lives Matter Protestors” – Delish

“George Floyd Protests: How to Help, Where to Donate” – The Cut

“Things That Make White People Uncomfortable” – Michael Bennett

Day of Silence and Lament at St. James Cathedral, Seattle

If you have additional resources you would like to share, please send them to

Resources to Support Protesters and Racial Equity in Western Washington

2 thoughts on “Resources to Support Protesters and Racial Equity in Western Washington

  • June 12, 2020 at 7:44 am

    Thank you, Bishop. This is a useful list and a heartening stand taken by you and by our church.

  • February 17, 2021 at 8:28 pm

    You are off base regarding your stance. How dare you support such narrow minded support. How dare you accuse white people. I expect the church to be inclusive. You have only excluded many of your parishioners. I am Episcopalian but cannot support you. Definitely not Black Lives Matter financial support. They are not following the Christian teachings. Nor are you!!!!
    Destructive behaviors by this group. I will look for a church that is inclusive without caving in to social pressures!!!

    May God give us strength


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