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St. Andrew’s House began as a retreat center for the Diocese of Olympia in 1954, when the Lodge and its seven acres were given as a gift to the diocese by the Norton Clapp family, purchased from the Arthur Symons family, who had built the Lodge in 1928. Shortly thereafter, the Hawthorn Dent family donated the Cottage, below the Lodge on the Hood Canal, to Bishop Stephen Bayne as a place for his rest and recreation. Bishop Bayne then dedicated what is now Bayne Cottage for the use of all diocesan clergy and their families.

Since that time, St. Andrew’s House has expanded its hospitality to include churches and clergy of all denominations, art groups, nonprofit organizations, family events, weddings, and retreats of all kinds. A large renovation in 1999, conducted by Burt Duncan, expanded the capacity of St. Andrew’s, adding the Chapel, Sun Room, Dining Room, and more rooms for guests.

St. Andrew’s House has continued to lovingly and faithfully serve guests since 1954. Contributions from an endless list of generous souls have allowed it to weather time and changes over the years. Still, each year presents challenges to make ends meet, give its staff better compensation or make needed improvements to its facilities. This should not be the condition of a place so cherished by so many for so long. Your contribution will help transform St. Andrew’s House from merely surviving to truly thriving!

The Needs

  • Continue to upgrade equipment and capacity to increase accessibility for guests with physical or health concerns
  • Increase staff compensation to improve job retention and quality of life
  • Build maintenance reserve to ensure that facilities stay in excellent condition
  • Build the Endowment Fund to provide sustainability for the years ahead

​Ways to Contribute

  • Make donations on an annual or monthly basis to build the foundation for a healthy community of caring ministry
  • Give gifts designated to meet specific needs, such as new equipment or projects that particularly touch your heart
  • Include St. Andrew’s House in your trust or estate planning. You can leave a lasting legacy that will impact this sacred space for years to come



Securing Our Future: Saint Andrew’s House 2020 Appeal

2 thoughts on “Securing Our Future: Saint Andrew’s House 2020 Appeal

  • August 14, 2022 at 2:34 pm

    I am on the vestry of St. Paul’s Episcopal in Port Townsend; ours is a National Registry historic church. We are embarking on a renovation of the sanctuary to make it more accessible and welcoming; out hope is to attract new members, particularly younger ones with children.
    I am pursuing the possibility of a grant to help us defray the cost. What can you advise me about that, please?
    Thank you,
    Linda Egan
    (916) 813-1487

    • August 15, 2022 at 10:31 am

      I have forwarded on your request.



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