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From Aaron Scott, Co-Founder and Development Director at Chaplains on the Harbor:

Aaron Scott, Co-Founder and Development Director at Chaplains on the Harbor, will be stepping down from his role as of March 31, 2022. He and the COH team are incredibly proud of the work they’ve done together over the past eight years. Aaron is excited to join the Kairos Center for Religions, Rights & Social Justice at Union Theological Seminary, and will be responsible for building out Kairos’ strategy to counter the explosive growth of White Christian Nationalism across the US. He is eager to lead a national expansion of the work begun at COH, and will remain in close contact with the COH team in his new role.

In addition to this, the Rev. Sarah Monroe has shifted into a more explicitly defined role of spiritual leadership and will be stepping back from all administrative duties. Sarah looks forward to having more time to teach, preach, pastor, and write as Priest-In-Charge – and is very excited to be in the final stages of publishing a book on their work at COH! In the midst of these big transitions, COH is so grateful that the Rev. Barb Weza has agreed to step in as our Interim Executive Director. Barb brings a wealth of experience and skill to this work, as well as integrity and a listening heart.

Please continue to keep the Chaplains on the Harbor family in your prayers through these big changes. To make a donation, follow the link below.


Staff Transitions at Chaplains on the Harbor

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