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The Seattle Service Corps (SSC) program is a chance for young adults to explore their faith and discern their vocational call, while working in ministry at local non-profits and faith based communities. A year spent in this program is a commitment to: living in intentional Christian community; serving 32 hours per week at a local church or nonprofit; becoming integrated into the life of a local Episcopal congregation; participating in the worshiping and communal life of Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral; discerning questions of personal growth, spiritual transformation, and vocational call; learning a new way to live out the revolutionary faith we are called to in Jesus.

The SSC is part of the Episcopal Service Corps, an Episcopal organization of communities. Across the country, corps members engage in self-reflection, leadership training, and social justice and advocacy work. In Seattle, we invite our corps members into adventure, work, and play and we create courageous spaces to confront and talk about current issues as individuals and as a community.

Ways to support the Seattle Service Corps:

  • Prayer A year of living in intentional community, self-reflection, and outreach can be hard. Your thoughts and prayers are important as we navigate and practice living a life of finding where, as Frederick Buchner says, finding “where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest needs.”
  • Host We are always looking for community partners in this growing ministry. You may know a non-profit, future corps member, and future financial supporter who would like to be partners in ministry. Host a house party or informational gathering to help spread the word.
  • Donate with a donation of any amount, you will join us in the ministry of finding vocational call for our corps members and all the lives we come in contact with from traveling seafarers, youth from across the diocese, and those seeking sanctuary.
              • $30 to sponsor vocational reading
              • $50 sponsor a community dinner
              • $200 to sponsor retreat
              • $750 to sponsor a community meal stipend for month

You are also invited to a Fundraiser and Open House benefitting the Seattle Service Corps on April 14th, from 4-6pm at the Mission to the Seafarer. Come out and hear about the SSC and what a “day in the life” for our corps members looks like. For more information, contact Malcolm McLaurin at (206)323-0300 or

Support Seattle Service Corps

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