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Want to serve your church in a new way? The board of directors is seeking new members to help oversee the corporate responsibilities of the Diocese of Olympia.

  • The board provides stewardship of our financial resources. This includes oversight of the Diocesan Investment Fund and other funds entrusted to the diocese for specified purposes. It also makes and oversees loans to congregations for building construction/renovation and mission development.
  • The board provides stewardship of our physical assets. This includes holding legal title to all diocesan property, overseeing and managing property redevelopment, and approving mission property construction plans.

What skills and experience do I need to be successful? The board is involved in a diverse range of activities, so there’s a mix of skills and experiences that would make a qualified board candidate. Some examples include:

  • Experience in your local congregation as a vestry/bishop’s committee member or maintaining building and grounds, or
  • Financial knowledge, including principles of accounting, lending, and investing, or
  • Real estate investment or management experience, including building construction or renovation, or
  • Communications experience, including working with organizational procedures and presenting information to stakeholders.

What’s expected of board members? Board members are held to three fiduciary duties, described and expressed below.

  • Duty of care – Board members must act in good faith, be diligent in their duties, act with discretion, be inquisitive and make informed decisions, and be active participants in meetings.
  • Duty of loyalty – Board members must act in the best interest of the diocese and address any potential conflicts of interest in the performance of their duties.
  • Duty of obedience – Board members must act in accordance with laws and policies to protect the diocese.

What’s the time commitment for board members? Board members have the following expectations:

  • Monthly Meetings – The board meets on the third Thursday of each month for 3 ½ hours. The meeting starts at 3pm. These meetings are currently scheduled for virtual participation. Meeting materials are sent out in advance for review and preparation.
  • Governing Bodies Retreats – The diocesan governing bodies (Board of Directors, Diocesan Council, Standing Committee) has an all-day retreat in the fall and spring each year.
  • Diocesan Convention – Board members are voting members at Diocesan Convention, held in the fall each year.
  • Task Groups – Board members participate in at least one committee or task group that may have business each month.

Who would I be working with? The board has eight members (laity and clergy) and works with diocesan staff and other governing bodies to perform its activities. There are also three subcommittees – Diocesan Investment Fund, Property Committee, and the Commission on Church Architecture. You’d also enjoy interactions with diocesan congregations and other stakeholders.

How do I express interest? Board members are appointed by the bishop. If you’re interested, you must be nominated by your clergy member or a current or former board member and provide a summary of your relevant church and/or professional experience. The Board will discuss nominees in the September meeting.

The Episcopal Diocese of Olympia Seeks New Appointees to Diocesan Board of Directors

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