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From Don Fornoff, Bishop’s Task Force on Homelessness:

So, our wonderful season of Christmas and Epiphany is over. What season is it now? Snow and wind and rain are predicted and probably expected. The Task Force sees the weather as concerning for those who are unhoused. We all should. A column in the Seattle Times cited an overwhelmingly large number of deaths afflicting the homeless in King County. And what about the other counties? It’s not a season we want to be dealing with. But we have to if we wish to live into our Baptismal Covenant. There is another season available – and that is the 60-day legislative session in Olympia.

Advocacy is needed to keep the needs of the unhoused in front of legislators. That includes affordable housing, rent stabilization, minimum wage, fair taxation, fair eviction rules, dispatching laws outlawing homelessness, and support for social services. I could go on – there is much to focus on. The important thing is to make your ping voice heard in Olympia through your district representatives and senators. They want and need to hear from you about your concerns. I trust helping the unhoused is one of them.

Go to to access bill information, legislator contacts, and literally any information needed to communicate with your reps. Groups to learn more about issues and work with to influence the legislative process include Faith Action Network and Washington Low Income Housing Alliance.

Stay well, do good works.

Don Fornoff, member of the Task Force

Updates from the Bishop’s Task Force on Homelessness

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