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2016 Seattle PI peopleDiscussions about race, inclusiveness and sensitivity clearly aren’t new. Terms like “racism,” “white privilege” and “politically correct” are often used — and interpreted — in very different ways.  The Seattle Times interviewed 18 people from Western Washington about what these and other phrases mean to them, and is featuring their responses in a video project titled “Under Our Skin: What do we mean when we talk about race?” The project includes 12 videos; each focused on a single word or phrase, with interviewees explaining what those terms mean to them. For those who freeze up at the prospect of talking about race, the project’s creators hope it will help break the ice. For those who tend to take sides right away when the issue of race comes up, it is hoped that Under Our Skin will challenge assumptions and build common ground. [More]

Under Our Skin: Bishop Rickel participates in Seattle Times video project intended to foster deeper conversations about race and racism

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