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To prepare for elections at diocesan convention (October 21-22, 2022), the Nominations Committee is now calling for candidates to represent our diocese in four areas: Diocesan Council (4 regional positions clergy or lay and 1 Lay at-large)Standing Committee (1 lay, 1 clergy, and 1 clergy unexpired term)the Commission on Ministry (One Deacon position), and at General Convention 2024 (4 clergy and 4 lay, plus 4 alternates in each order). This year we’re seeking qualified candidates for the following positions:

For Diocesan Council: In fulfillment of Resolution 4 passed at the 2020 Diocesan Convention, the Council will begin a 3-year transition to a new structure including both elected and appointed positions. The positions below will be elected in 2022, with term length determined by the Council’s transition plan.

  • 4 positions to be elected for regional representation (3 year term):
    ○ Holy C–Clergy or Lay (1 position)
    ○ Evergreen–Clergy or Lay (1 position)
    ○ Rainier–Clergy or Lay (1 position)
    ○ Mt. Baker–Clergy or Lay (1 position)
  • 1 position to be elected for Lay at-large representation (3 year term)

For the Standing Committee (at-large representatives, from across the diocese):

  • 1 Lay representative for 4-year term
  • 1 Clergy representative for 4-year term
  • 1 Clergy representative to fulfill remaining two years of an unexpired term (2024)

For the Commission on Ministry: In fulfillment of Resolution 6 passed at the 2020 Diocesan Convention, the Commission will transition to a new structure comprised of both elected and appointed positions. This year, the following positions will be elected:

  • 1 Clergy: Deacon representative for a 3-year term

For our General Convention deputation: This year we’ll elect both lay and clergy nominees for our diocesan deputation to General Convention 2024. This convention of the entire Episcopal Church will meet in summer 2024.

  • 4 Lay Deputies
  • 4 Clergy Deputies
  • We also will be electing 4 alternates in each order

Eligibility: In all cases, lay candidates for nomination must be adult communicants in good standing associated with a parish or mission congregation of the diocese.
According to our diocesan canons, a communicant is a baptized person who is faithful in corporate worship and has received the Sacrament of Holy Communion in this church at least three times during the preceding 12 months*; communicants 16 years of age and older are considered adult communicants. A Communicant in Good Standing is a one who is a recorded contributor to the support of the church with money or with personal service, as determined by the rector or vicar of the congregation. (*We recognize that some may still have not been able to access in-person worship during the past 12 months and will bear this in mind.)

All clergy candidates for nomination must be canonically-resident in this diocese.

Future newsletters will provide more detail about the responsibilities of those serving on these four groups. For now, it might be useful to know that these councils are currently meeting online via Zoom. This will continue to be an option for all representatives so that geography will not be a barrier to participating in diocesan governance.

Members of the Nominations Committee this year include Ms. Jan Akin (Willapa region), Mr. Wadell Brent (Evergreen), the Rev. Nic Mather (Chair, Columbia), Ms. Sylvia Sepulveda (Mt. Baker and Peninsula), Ms. Donna Murphy (Eastside), Ms. Sherina James (Rainier), the Rev. Edie Weller (Holy C), and the Rev. Helen McPeak. Each of us will be actively reaching out to individuals and congregations to identify potential candidates for the positions identified above.

If you’d like to propose someone for consideration to serve on any of these groups, we encourage you to contact the Committee Member in your region or email the Committee Chair, The Rev. Nic Mather at by Friday, August 5th. Our committee will identify and confirm the slate of candidates for election that we have received by Tuesday, September 6th (45 days prior to the proposed date of convention). By canon, additional nominees may be recognized at convention.

If you have questions about this process, please contact The Rev. Nic Mather at

Thank you very much for your help in this effort on behalf of our diocese!

The Diocesan Nominations Committee
The Rev. Nic Mather, Chair,
The Rev. Edie Weller, Holy C,
Sylvia Sepulveda, Mt. Baker and Peninsula,
Wadell Brent, Evergreen,
Donna Murphy, Eastside,
Sherina James, Rainier,
Jan Akin, Willapa,
The Rev. Helen McPeak,

A Call for Candidates for 2022 Diocesan Convention

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